Mass for this Sunday:

Please find below our Sunday Liturgy for praying at home, details of live-streamed Masses and the newsletter for the coming week.

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    Live-streamed Masses

    As well as praying our Sunday Liturgy we might also watch Mass over the internet or on the TV. You can find Mass at the following places:

    The National Shrine of Our Lady in Walsingham

    9.30am, 12.00 noon and 6.00pm each day.
    The live-stream is 24 hours, with prayers and devotions throughout the day.


    Bishop Patrick McKinney, Bishop’s House Chapel

    9.00am Sunday.
    More events throughout the week, as announced by the Bishop Patrick on Twitter @BishopPMcKinney
    Bishop Patrick’s YouTube Channel


    Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN)

    For those who have Sky you can watch EWTN on your television. Otherwise their daily Mass is recorded and available online.


    CAFOD Virtual Children’s Liturgy

    Virtual Children’s Liturgy

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