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The Presentation Sisters were founded in Cork, Ireland on the 24thDecember, 1775 by Nano Nagle. The Presentation Sisters founded communities in Ireland and from Ireland spread all over the world. They came to Manchester in England in 1836.Their mission of bringing the light of the gospel to the lives of the people around them through education and other ministires  still continues to this day. The account of the presence of the Sisters and the wonders they achieved in this part of Nottinghamshire is but one of the many amazing stories.

In October 2013, Nano Nagle was declared Venerable.

This year, 2018, the Presentation Sisters Celebrate 300 years since the birth of Nano Nagle.

The Presentation Sisters came to Shirebrook in  the Easter of 1958, they lived in the present presbytery for the first few months until they moved into a house further up Langwith Rd. in March 1958.

Pre 1963 – The presbytery to the left and the “hut” that housed the first school is on the right.

In 1981, the Sisters moved to Bolsover. That house closed in 1986 and 2 sisters were asked to move into St.Teresa’s Presbytery, Warsop.

In June 2018, due to parish re-organistion in the area, the Sisters moved into the presbytery in Shirebrook .The Presentation Sisters have returned to where they began all those years ago but now live beside a beautiful building housing a thriving primary school. A fitting tribute to the Sisters who laboured here through the years.


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